Monday, April 23, 2012

Shows and Art

It seems like EVERYONE has toured though San Francisco this month and I've been lucky enough to see four of my favorite bands this month.  With the dark lighting and crowded floors, I only got a few good pictures of the two of the shows I saw.  

First Aid Kit.  This sister duo from Sweden have powerful vocals that harmonize perfectly.  They had a really interesting stage presence too, mixing some head banging into their folk rock music.

Rodrigo y Gabriella.  This Spanish duo plays the guitar better than anyone.  It's amazing how big of a sound two guitars can create.  

Here's another picture of them with the rest of the band (or at least a few of their shadows)

 After Rodrigo y Gabriella, we grabbed a drink with our friends at bar in downtown Oakland.  It was the craziest decorations I've seen anywhere with sculptures, paintings, figurines and random things everywhere.

I've also been pretty lucky to have gone to the beach a lot lately.  This was a cool shot I got in Santa Cruz of these funny little flock of birds that behaved as one organism, moving and flying as one.

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to be working on a drawing for my chef friend who cooked us an amazing meal.  Here it is!