Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Change of Plans

Ok, so instead of using this thing as a gallery, I have made a deviant art site instead. I think I will post new pictures up here, but it will be one at a time and with a blog type thing. Actually I don't even know why I am using this thing since you (britt) are the only who knows about it and we write emails. I guess I will just keep it and when I go to Italy I will tell people about it. I think it would be kind of weird to just tell people now when there is no reason for me to have this . . except to write about my life.

Anyway, I feel like a crazy, writing to myself. Tonight I think I am going to go crazy with my new painting. Im conflicted because I just started reading Harry Potter, but I need to keep on painting. Stupid work is taking too much of my time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


This post is going to act as a portfolio. I'll be updating it randomly with new stuff.
" Fedrick (something)" October 2007
12X18 graphite on canvas

"Smoker" October 2006

Acrylic and india ink on paper

"African Woman" October 2006

Acrylic, graphite and india ink on paper

"Moonlit" November 2006

Acrylic, graphite and india ink on paper

"Normal to the Orbit" July 2007

24X30 Acrylic and india ink on canvas

Welcome JON!

Hello folk (and by folks I mean one to two people). Just thought I'd give this a try. It's going to act as a sort of blog/art posting and probably be view by myself more than anyone else. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.