Saturday, September 8, 2007

JOpinion: Kelsey Brooks

Kelsey Brooks, from what I can tell, has only been pursuing art professionally for 4 or 5 years, yet his work and style are well developed and distinguishable. Before this, the 29 year old living in San Diego was a biochemist working full time and on his way to becoming what he had always feared . . . the funny (but not so funny) guy at the water cooler. Now, Kelsey Brooks is traveling the world, selling art and living the dream in the middle of surf culture. His work is mix of sex, comedy, animals and quilt work, not to mention media. He uses acrylics, ink and spray paint to create his raw, decorative, colorful, Hindu inspired art. Here are a few old and new.

This is the first Kelsey Brook's piece I have ever seen and it made me an instant fan. From drips to splats to sketch and animal heads, this one rocks. Although it's not the defining style he is exactly known for, it still screams Kelsey Brooks (in more ways than one).

I tend to like art with attention to detail, and Kelsey Brooks sure brings that aspect. This just scratches the surface of the level of detail in his work.

Told ya about the detail (just look at it all for a sec!). I mean, just the head dress alone is madness. You can see where Hinduism comes into play in this one. Is there a hit of femininity in this one?

Oh elephants, they are cool. I think he does a super job in capturing the heaviness and power as well as the serenity of the elephant in this one. On the contrast, there is a decorative ski-masked woman riding and almost getting off on the top.

Ok, now for new stuff. The rest are from his recent shows in Switzerland and in San Francisco. Man I wish I could have gone to see it. These are all well thought out and work as fluid collection. I think Kelsey Brook's personality and style are spilt all over these.

I've always dug surfer chicks that wear their bottoms low, sitting just below the top of their hip bone, showing off and accentuating their curves. The caveat is that these chicks have a playful, easy going sense of humor. This piece wraps up that dream girl.

This ones a bit different from the rest, but I think its still appropriate. He is much more real in this one and achieves a more serious tone, even with the tiger head helmet and crude batman "uniform."

Damn: Detail! I can't even wrap my mind around how patient he must be. Not only that, but to have the imagination to the decorative work he does. What I like about this one is that it is in the figures perspective.

Definitely erotic and full frontal. I like it when he does double eyeballs. Somehow my brain tries to rationalize it and tell me it is out of focus . . trying to put the eyes back together. It makes me involuntarily confused . . thanks Kelsey.

Way cool. One thing that used to bug me a little was the disproportionally of the extra limbs. Maybe its because it disregards the meaning of the Vitruvian Man, but after second thought, I like it and it works. Its a cool modern take on Ganesh.

Well there you go, Kelsey Brooks is the shit. His mix of surf culture, Hindu deities, sex, humor, color, eroticism, animals and details makes him one to watch out for, as well as one of my favorites. He is inspiring in many aspects . . so hats off!


Richmond said...

I like the baboon eating the woman and the full frontal cat. That and the panda man with little ducky, although I don't like the "westside" symbols. I find humanizing animals really interesting and the sexual impulses of humans show the animal side that is usually hidden.

The detail is hard to see in a few of them, but I would really enjoy that aspect in real life. How big are these pieces?

Jon said...

They range from 24x24 to 48x60. Most of the new stuff is fairly large.

Brittany said...

i like the vagina double eyed cat woman thing. that is my favorite. yeah man the one with the chick sitting cross legged (your dream chick) looks like something that u would have made yourself :)

JessieBoo1991 said...

Hindu inspired? This is like one big insult to the hindu religion. That "baboon" as I've heard it referred to is mocking one of the most popular idols in the Hindu pantheon. Hanuman is worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. Not.. whatever it is he's doing in that painting. 0.o This makes me sick. It's not brilliant at all. And the elephant is a sacred animal, and yet again something sacred is just another thing to be mocked. If you're going to do something like that fine, but don't associate a culture with that.... whatever it is you want to call it.