Monday, December 22, 2008

From End to Beginning

CASEY is here!  She got in two Saturdays ago and since then we have been exploring Florence while I finished my classes and said my goodbyes to some good friends. 

Here we are on the top of Piazzale Michelangelo.  Finally!   We saw that it was finally sunny outside and had to go.  Little did we know that the rest of the week would be sunny!  Regardless, the sight of the city was still breathtaking.  Between sightseeing and museum visiting I had my final critiques and exams.  

And finally, here is my semester's painting body of work.  The idea I explored this semester (and hopefully beyond this semester) was the relationship between the individual and their secret and also the secrets relationship with its owner.  Hope you like it!  

All the pieces are acrylic and oil on canvas... and for sale. 

After my last final on Thursday, Casey and I went out for some drinks and a bite to eat with my friends.  
Gusta Pizza.  My first time there and their last.  These kids were a great group of friends and really made my semester what it was.  I can't wait to meet up with them again in North Carolina!

What's next?  Roma tomorrow!  Then Siena, Cinque Terre and Venice!  Happy holidays everyone!  


Casey Newlin said...


Dennis said...

Terrific! I love all of them. Finally, I can show my friends that my son is not bald because he wears a beanie all the time. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Will miss you and your mom at dinner this Thursday. Your Dad and brother Mike!

Gummy Choco said...

When are you leaving Italy..I was about to put your card in the mailbox. Nice work! There are so many, you worked hard this semester. I like the one in the rain..just cause I really like the rain..and i really like straight lines. :)

Celia said...

I agree with Casey.
I am speechless.

I am happy that you and Casey got to the top of Piazzelle Michelangelo - what a spectacular view that must have been and you 2 look great!

Have a great Christmas and New Years together!!!

green-peas said...

supa cool mr. ching!
glad to see you're livin it up.
i like your artwork, too. i wish i could see it in real life. i have my xena drawing still. ;)
merry xmas and happy new years sir. till we meet again, eh.

Kris said...

Amazing photo of you and Casey! And your body of work is excellent, Jon. Happy holidays!!

Richmond said...

Jonny! I can tell that you really like your shoes (from your paintings). It's fun to see some of your work. It's good, as always. We should talk soon so that I can maybe plan a little trip. Happy Holidays! Where are you going to be for new years?