Monday, January 19, 2009

What have I been up to?

Well, Casey's went back to SF almost two weeks ago.  After picking myself up I've actually done a good amount while staying balanced.  The weather has been pretty fluctuant lately and thus have been my days.  When it's nice outside I make sure I enjoy it.  I've really come to realize that the sun makes me happy.  When it's not so nice outside, I enjoy staying relatively warm inside.  

About a week ago I caught the bus up to Fiesole, a neighboring town at the top of a hill.  It was such a nice day, so I decided that since it was such a nice day I would walk back.  It was a pretty long walk, but it was nice and allowed me to enjoy being out in the fresh air. 

On my way I found these fuzzy little plants growing up a fence.  This kind of sums up my day.  By the time I got back to Florence the sun had gone down and I saw this:

Pretty spectacular.  It caught me off guard and I actually did a double take when I first saw the full moon.  Anyway, it was a pretty good day.  

So, apart from enjoying my surroundings, I've been trying to get the near future in order, at my own pace of course.  I've applied for a few jobs, found a few farms to work on (still waiting on my #1's to get back to me) and have done some online organization.  Oh, and I sold a portrait!  is where I am now putting all of my work.  It is way easier to organize and navigate than my deviantart site.  It is probably work that you all have seen already, but check it out if you want a reminder!  

Also, I've posted a new JOpinion on Jotiumitch.  Apparently the site is still up and recent events have encouraged me to start posting again.  I know I'm being a bit vague, but I don't want to jinx anything.  Anyway, check it out: 

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Dennis said...

Hi Jon! Fantastic view at night. Miss seeing Italy but your exploits make up for the trip. Good luck on your job search.
Miss you! Love Dad