Sunday, March 29, 2009


Just a quick update.  I'm leaving this current farm and going up north to Chiavari, a town near the coastal Genova.  This farm was great and I loved working with the animals, but I'm ready to learn about cultivating some vegetables and really getting to know the farmers.  Hopefully I'll be able to post soon after arriving at the new farm.  

Here's a look at the past few days.

This is Marco's accommodations.  Marco takes care of all the animals and has become one of my favorite people on the farm.  He's just a mellow guy who keeps his calm even when half the goats have run away to the olive grove and the others, with the kids, have followed the sheep into the stable.  I think this wooden house fits him perfectly.  

Most of the kids have been born.  It's amazing how fast they grow.  Two weeks ago they were just born and learning how to walk.  Now they are running all over the place, hanging out together, and jumping down cliffy slopes.  Yesterday I got to actually watch a birth.  It was pretty incredible to see something enter the world and experience its first minutes. 

The weather has been pretty extreme lately.  One day it will be nice and sunny and I can work in a t-shirt.  Then the next day it will be rainy and windy.  In any case, its still beautiful.

Oh, did I mention it snows too?  I was in the fields with the animals and it started coming down.  Crowding around the goats for warmth I thought "How crazy is it that I'm a shepherd in the south of Toscana and its snowing?"  It was really a cool experience (pun totally intended).  

When I'm at the next farm I will miss the animals.  I have grown attached to them and have enjoyed working with them.  I'm really lucky to have gotten this photo.  She's a tough goat.  


Kris said...

Jon, your photos are fabulous. I am so anxious to hear more about your experience on this farm. I'm curious about the goats- I've heard they're awesome animals and your experience with them seems to confirm that! I hope the next farm provides an equally great context for fun, peace, and learning. Can't wait to read about it!

green-peas said...

so i am for sure going to france from july 2-24th. will you still be there?

green-peas said...

i meant europe, not france.

celia said...

I agree with Kris, your photos are fabulous. What a great experience you had! Can't wait to read and see Chiavari. Enjoy.

Dennis said...

What can I say? Farmer John with all this experience you can start your own Farm in SF. You cousin has a 'gentlemen's Farm' near Stanford. I don't think his farm is anyway close to what you're learning. By the way, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Love Dad :)

Casey Newlin said...

omg babies everwhere! i love the little one huddled by his mama on the left of the snowy pic.

your photos are amazing, and i can't wait to see what Chiavari is like!


Brittany said...

coolness man
nice pictures
i am going to update my blog starting in 2 days

happy birthday
because you are old now
woohoo :D

Brittany said...

got a new blog

check it out

still under construction :)