Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm in Prague. I got here late on the 2nd and have been enjoying it since. Prague is an amazing city. There is great architecture with some of the coolest colors (a bunch of achromatic grays), nice people, amazing art, and an awesome public transportation system. It is really easy to get around here and find your way though the city. Some highlights of my time here:

Mucha Museum - I finally got to see it! It was the first thing I did here, other than get some delicious pastries for breakfast. They had all this well known works, with the print that made him famous, hand drawings, large oil paintings and sculptures. It was amazing to see his work up close and I left fully satisfied.

Prague Castle - Its apparently the largest castle in the world since its pretty much a mini town. The cathedral was incredible. Super Gothic with stained glass windows, sculptures everywhere, high pointed towers and an army of gargoyles. The castle also houses some great renaissance art.

Gardens - There is a large area near the castle that is devoted to grass and trees. Its really nice to just sit there, eat a sandwich and drink a Czech beer (which is delicious and cheaper than water) while looking out to the city.

This kind of seems like a tour guide book. Anyway, I'm having a great time and will be heading to Austria tomorrow or the next day.


celia said...

I am so glad you made a bee line to the Mucha Museum. What an artist!

Prague is such a quaint city. It is cool how you have been able to get to around Europe.

I can't wait to read about your visit to Austria.

Dennis said...

Wow! And I thought you were suffering at the Farm. Sounds like the travels of Gulliver. Hope you're taking it easy with all those great drivers in Italy. Now I know why the Grand Prix are held there each year. Take care! Dad

Rocky said...

Hi Jon,
This is Rocky - your mom's friend - don't know if you remember me from when we used to live in Honolulu.

Your mom just arrived at our place in Kelowna, BC and I was wondering if there is any chance you could come for a surprise visit? She returns to Honolulu on the 2nd of July. You, and a friend if you like, can stay with us. I'd love to hear your Italian. Kelowna is considered the Napa Valley of the north. My e-mail address is: Hope you see this. ( I also posted in your Puglia section)
All the best, Rocky

Rocky said...

Hi Jon,
It's Rocky again. I couldn't find the e-mail you sent me and I have finally been able to set up Skype with the headphones and webcam. How can I reach you again? My Skype address is: rocky7161

Khris said...

Hallo Jon Jon,
รจ bellissimo leggerti nel blog. In questi giorni abbiamo tanti wwoofer's nuovi dalla Nuova Zelanda, Quebec, Usa e ...italia!!! Ti pensiamo spesso e raccontiamo sempre della St.JonJon wwoofer street. A presto... Paolo, Khris,Antonella,Toby, Giovanni, Adelino, Alessia, e tutta la Shanga