Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Longer Unemployed

That's right, Jon got a job.  This past Monday I interviewed for a server position at Boulettes Larder, an awesome restaurant in the Ferry Building.  I clicked with Lori Regis, the pastry chef/co-owner, and have been working everyday since.  Boulettes is a small, open-kitchen restaurant dedicated to eating seasonal and local produce, meats and seafood.  The executive chef, Amaryll Schwertner, who has worked with Alice Waters, creates a new menu everyday, showcasing what the farmer harvested the day before.  Of course I'd love to be in the kitchen, this one especially, but at least I'm with this restauant, and I'm actually enjoying being a server.

On Tuesday, I shadowed one the head servers.  On Wednesday, I got a few of my own tables and pretty much freaked out the whole time.  Today, I had my own section and rocked it!  I'm sure it was the crowd today, but it was nice encouragement to have had a great first day of actual serving.  What's even more great though, is not constantly searching craigslist every hour and wondering how long the savings is going to last.  So to sum it up, I finally feel secure in San Francisco and can start working on personal goals.  

(I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone that had to put up with hearing me complain about not having a job.  It seriously took over my happiness for a bit)


celia said...

Whew! It is unnerving not to have things in place. I am happy for you. This restaurant sounds really cool.

I also like your picture and thank you for the link.

RMA said...

Yay! Congrats Jon! Hope I get to visit someday soon-ish :-)

Dennis said...

Wow! I'm soooo glad you found something you like. I look forward to visiting SF within the next 3 months and will head straight for the Restaurant. Take care! Dad