Tuesday, December 15, 2009

JonChingArt.com is Alive!

That's right, I made a website!   After having the domain for a good month and realizing that my computer is pretty dated and can't support the nice, new website building programs out there, I did it the "old school" way and have built my website (while learning a thing or two about HTML).  It's pretty basic, but I'm proud of it and I can finally direct people to an online portfolio.

So when you get a chance, please check out JonChingArt.com!



Dennis said...

I really like the site. There were some art that I didn't see and I really loved the variety! Great Job. Have a wonderful Christmas. Will miss you this year! Dad

celia said...

Hi Jon,
Wow old school way of doing a website - terrific. It is well organized. I am happy to see your works!!! I am proud of you! smiles, mom