Monday, June 28, 2010

Work in Progress

It's been a while since my last post. This was due in part to my camera breaking and not being able to get any pictures up. I got a new one though and it is an amazing piece of technology. I'm still getting a grasp on using it (I'm not used to having so much control over my point-and-shoot) and will definitely have some good pictures up soon. The other part for not posting was that I was spending a good amount of time brainstorming on ideas to develop into a body of work, a part of my process that I'm learning takes up a good amount of time and head space. Things are a bit clearer now and I'm just about finished with my first piece.

I'm going to be a bit closed mouthed with the idea for a while, but I'm pretty happy with how this one is turning out. I'm not quite done, but its almost there. Sorry for the grainy quality. Its still a bit wet and I couldn't get it without glare marks in normal lighting.

Tomorrow Casey and I are going to Colorado! Time for some warmth, some mountains and some chill time. I'm definitely going to put my cameras to the test.


celia said...

Wow it is amazing how you are able to show movement! Very cool!

I am happy that you will be spending time in Colorado and with Casey's parents. Please say hi to them for me. Enjoy and take lots of pictures with your new camera.

brittany kamai said...

yeaahhh that is great. woohoo for the photoshoot man! i totally saw this one coming already. man you are so talented. that is such a hard thing to do :)