Thursday, October 21, 2010

Treasure Island 2010

Treasure Island Music Festival happened again this past weekend. There was a bunch of great bands playing in a ton of cold weather. Having enjoyed 80+ degree weather in the city earlier in the week, it was a bit painful at time to endure the coldness during the festival. But, the bands were totally forth it and needless to say, I had an amazing weekend.

Thanks to the hardworking Noise Pop interns, the festival went on without a hitch. Here's intern Jaime, intern Casey and intern Allison in the back.

The highlight of the festival, for me, was Monotonix, a band from Tel Aviv who is practically banded from all the venues in Israel. Knowing they put on insane shows, Casey and I dug our way through the crowd the get face to face with the band in the middle of crowd.

Here is the lead singer, sitting on a stool that a few guys were holding up while beating on a drum a few other guys were holding. At one point, he had his foot on my stomach while I held up held his body weight with another guy.

The guitarist got up there too, but he was a bit more subdued and just enjoyed the new vantage point. I haven't been to a show like this for a very long time.

Seeing everyone up on the crowd, Casey decided she should be up there too.

Here's Casey riding the crowd for the first time. She was up there for a good amount of time and got down like a champ.

The best part about being on Treasure Island is the view of San Francisco. It's easy to forget what you actually live in when you don't see it, but we were all in awe when we looked across the bay to see our city. Go Giants!

The thing about this festival is that the crowd noticeably grows throughout the day. By the last four bands, the island is packed.

Here is the crowd during Deadmau5's set. He a DJ with an awesome aesthetic and a very entertaining, and technically impressive, performance. Throughout his whole set, he wears a helmet in the shape of a mouse head (basically Mickey Mouse) that turned out to be electronic. He had a digital/animated face on the front synced to the lyrics. Pretty cool!

This is Belle & Sebastian, who headlined the festival and closed Sunday. I wish I had more pictures of the bands, but I was usually too far away or they just weren't interesting. All together, I saw a good part of 21 bands this past weekend. Not too shabby.

Now its time for work. I've got a bunch of things Im working on and will be posting soon.


celia said...

It sure looks like you guys had a great weekend. Wow Casey, what an experience, huh? Kudos to the interns.

Dennis said...

Hello. What a great day. Wish I was retired to enjoy the event in SF. Have a great weekend. Waiting to tee off at the pali golf course.

brittany kamai said...

pretty coo

did casey cut her hair off?
i wanna crowd surf again. that is always a great time

i like deadmau5
he rocks my world.

see ya laterzz.