Monday, December 6, 2010


This past month has just flown by and I can hardly believe its December already. Time for a little catch up.

Thanksgiving was definitely a highlight. We started the day off having a little brunch at Ryans house.
Here's Ryan and Joel cooking us some delicious breakfast food while Casey and I watched and drank our mimosas. There were never skinnier jeans in the kitchen before this moment.

Leaving their place, satisfied but not stuffed (we knew better than that!), and on our way home, we came across a huge moving box full of CDs. It was a jackpot for the musicheads that we are. We spent a good 10 minutes going through the box and claiming our picks. After we were satisfied musically, we went back and started cooking our contribution of the huge feast ahead.

Dinner was at my house with friends and family of the house. Here's Casey with her sister and her boyfriend in my room. Oh, and the day was as sunny as San Francisco can get. It was almost hot!

Lots of preparing. This is my housemate Andrea tossing a salad and adding some fresh to dinner.

Dinner was happily eating in the living room, with folks overflowing to the couches behind. In all, I think there were about 25 of us for dinner, and more for dessert. It was such a nice day and probably one of the few times I really enjoyed a holiday for the aspect of having a day off.

Just before Thanksgiving, I finished a painting for a new found friend. He had bought one of my paintings earlier this year and asked me to do a painting of his daughter for her birthday.

Here it is and I can finally post it. It was a bit challenging since I don't usually work from multiple photos when I'm painting in this style. But I'm really happy with it and was happy to do it. Thanks Mathieu!

I've also just finished another painting, but have to wait to post a picture for it since I haven't given it to them yet.


celia said...

I am happy that you had wonderful Thanksgiving, including coming across that box of CDs. I really like your painting ~ it is amazing how you can create that movement. I also like the softness of her hair. That is talent!

Casey Newlin said...

I like the photos you chose to capture Thanksgiving day. If only you got one of the 30+ CDs we took!

Bloggilocks said...

your new work is so awesome! I love the Muni one. Can't wait to see it up tonight at Minibar.

Bloggilocks said...

by the way this is Lindsay :)