Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My own

In my last post I mentioned that I started working on my own paintings again. I think with all the sun these past couple weeks and the beginning of my travel plans (I'm going to France with Casey for 3 months!) this painting took on a new meaning.

It is the companion painting to my last painting, Weighted Hibernation. In idea, the painting was always meant to be about a new beginning and the start of an aspiration, but this whole time I had a totally different picture of how it was going to look. However, when I started sketching and inserting symbols, it shaped up to be this, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. Keeping with the size, its 40x38 inches, oil on canvas.

I was left with a day off of work and having just finished that painting (which I still need to name) I was left wanting to paint, but not having anything I "needed" to paint. So, I did a study.

On my deck, there is a plastic sculpture of an owl that I always love looking at. I haven't painted from life in a while, so I used all my left over paint and did this quick painting. Turned out pretty nice and somewhat reminds me of a few of my favorite contemporary painters.

2/10 - Update. Just named it - Fixed Catalyst

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celia said...

Terrific, I like everything!!! Just to name a few ~ the angle of the ribbons, the butterflies, the expression of the ram and the female and her wrist on the ram's horn. The best to you and Casey - wow France for 3 months.