Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New camera. New adventures

I'm finally done with work, the planning is finally settled, everything is packed up and all that's standing between me and fun are pesky little last minute errands. But that's completely fine with me. Having had my last day of work last week, I've been busy getting everything ready and even doing a painting (which I unfortunately ran out of time tom complete and thus so will not post a picture)

I've also been playing around with a new camera I got for my birthday. My first digital SLR and it couldn't have come at a better time. A couple days ago I rented a car and Casey and I headed for Sacramento to have dinner with our friends Lexi and Bobby and to store some stuff at their place. I took the camera.

Just some play shots, but this one was taken at some distance. I'm totally stoked on the quality of light and how much detail I get from far away.

This one shows how awesome the colors are. It kind of defines an RBG file. Hope you guys don't mind me putting your faces on my blog.

Since we still had the car the next day, we decided to go to Land's End and see where the ocean meets the bay.

Here's a dorky picture of Casey. I took this one pretty far away too.

And the postcard. In a way, it was nice doing this touristy activity. We won't get to see this for a while and it will be a nice image to look at when were "homesick" for SF.

Tonight, we drive down to COACHELLA! I won't be able to take my new camera in fear that they won't let me in because it is such a cool camera, but I'll hopefully be getting some awesome shots nonetheless.


celia said...

Looks like you immediately got great shots. The second picture of their dog is so cute - what a great pose! Yes the colors are awesome, yay!

lex said...

Jon - thanks for adding us to your blog! =) I love how clear the pictures came out. Can't wait to hear about Coachella.