Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This past week I went to Chicago to visit my Hawaiian hommie, Britt.

 University of Chicago is a picturesque campus.

 Trash squirrel.

Britt is currently working on an indescribable experiment aimed at proving that all of reality is a hologram, and here I am laughing in the stairwell at this poster.  There is no way they could have put this up without know the intended joke...right?

 Chicago was pretty cold and windy when I first got there.  Not the happiest camper, but it made for some cool shots.

Here's the lion in front of the Art Institute of Chicago, which has an unbelievable collection.  Here's a few key pieces that I've been dying to see and was surprise to stumble upon.

 Picasso's Old Guitarist.

 Edward Hopper's Nighthawks.

Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

 I loved this giant sculpture in the middle of the walkway.

 The bean!  This sculpture is amazing.  I wonder how often they need to polish it.

 Sundown in downtown.

After a few days in Chicago, Britt, a couple of her friends and I drove up to Indiana to the pumpkin patch.  It seems like a tradition over there, but something very foreign to us islanders.

 You just pick it out and weigh it later.

 It was a pretty well organized affair, with tractor rides to take you to the pumpkin patch and apple groves.

 I'm not even sure what this is suppose to mean, but it sure makes me a bit uncomfortable.

 Group Photo!

After the pumpkin patch, we took a long drive up to Michigan.  It was probably one of the best road trips!

 Fall is so beautiful.  I had to edit this photo a bit, and even after that, it's still not as pretty as the real thing.

While finding our way to the lake house, where we were meeting more friends, we stumbled upon this tank.  Vyom, the fellow on the left, is from India and needed to get a picture of this spectacle.

 This is a small section of Lake Michigan.  It was a sight!
 The house we stayed at was right on the beach at the lake, and this is what was behind the house.  There's nothing like early morning in the woods.

 I can't believe how big this lake is.  It seriously looks like an ocean.



lex said...

Looked like a ton of fun. Bobby will be jealous that you were visiting his old stomping grounds. We missed you at the Cotton Mill - hopefully we can see you and Casey again soon!

celia said...

Wow, you got to see so many cool places and the fall leaves. You must have been in 7th heaven seeing those art pieces and the awesome "Bean". So glad you had a terrific road trip.

I like the group shot at the Pumpkin Patch. Guess what - just last week, I went on a field trip with the kindergarteners to a Pumpkin Patch at Aloun Farms in Kapolei.

brittany kamai said...

yeeeaahh awesome!!! i love the way you told your journey with some absolutely beautiful pictures. it was so so nice having you here. it was one of my favorite visits from any of my friends. i am soOOoooo glad you came.

can't wait til the next jon and britt adventure!

soo cool man.

check out my picture of you on my blog.