Friday, October 19, 2007

Inspired by life

Recently I've been embrassing our role as observers. When you really take time to observe something, the meaning of it changes, and so does your previous thoughts. And in a way, your understanding also starts to veer. As to not get too philosophical (because really what do I know, I haven't even taken the class yet) here is a glimpses of what I'm talking about. Ideas can come from everywhere and life is inspirational.

RED. One night I was making some salsa and I just stopped. With only the stove light on, everything that was in front of me had this mellow, calm, mood surrounded by red. Even the pepper I used was red . . too bad I didn't get a shot of that. Anyway, I ran upstairs, got my camera and documented.

Later (or before . . I forget) I was at a bar and I saw this candle. Again, same colors, same feeling, same impulse to take a picture of it. The weird part of all of this is that its not a project that I am focusing on. It's just pictures I've been taking in the last couple weeks and upon looking back I saw some themes.

This is the table at the bar.

BLUE. Later I saw this. Originally I took a picture of it as a study of something shinny. My art teacher two summers ago said that artists only paint shinny, metallic/glassy things as their focus to show off and prove that they are capable of doing it (because its such a difficult thing to do). Well, if I'm going to be an egotistical artist, I better get started! Nah, this would just be good practice and experience that will be nice to keep in my back pocket for later.

Looking up, I saw what was making this happen. "Black" light. I wonder why they didn't just call it violet . . that's what the wavelength is nicknamed. Anyway,I think it kind of looks like a moon. Lets call it a modern moon, cause really, now days people see more CFL that they do the moon.

GREEN. I took this as a study for my next painting. As much as I've been on this earth, I've only reproduced it a handful of times on paper. Even something as simple as grass needs studying. The main reason, which I've come to learn over this past year: Randomness is one of the hardest things to imitate. (maybe that's why there's only one of me? haha, just kidding kids)

Yes, I randomly stop eating to take pictures. These kiwis were so fricking delicious. I bought it last weekend at the farmers market and you can bet I'm going to buy 3 times as much this weekend. Ill probably make a meal out of it. Anyway, I couldn't resist the the bright (almost neon) green color these furry guys were emitting. From now on I will no longer used green, but kiwi for the specific color. IE, "with a tinge of kiwi" like "a hint of avocado." Sorry, inside joke.

That's the end of my color series. Here are a couple of fun shots I took of my friends at dinner (yes I randomly run upstairs, grab my camera, point it at my friends, make them uncomfortable, and take photos). I was at the bottom of my stemless wine glass and got inspired.

I shall call these, "ripping off Britt . . Cool idea, glad I could steal it!" Here's Casey [spitefully] drinking her wine while wearing my new hat with ears. My favorite part is her hand.

And Richmond being bashful. At least pictures of him come out good (most of the time) I always feel weird getting my pictures taken also, but mine come out awkward and lame. I like this one because it makes his head fit his ego. JUST KIDDING, don't kill me in my sleep.

So, the other night I was listening to the new Radiohead album. It is exceptional. Anyone who reads this should go to and download it. There is no reason not to since you can set your own price and even download it for free. Anyway, I was inspired by what my ears were hearing. I'm not sure if you're going to understand this, but it was like I was in an isolated place that only consisted of my desk and things that were in a 2ft radius of me.

This is what my night felt like. I was so inspired by the music I started taking notes about. Actually, I was doing research on Jeremy Fish (my last JOpinion on and my note taking continued into the music. I had a little snack of cherry tomatoes and squash as well.

One night I was driving home and saw this in the middle of the intersection. Someone just decided to draw a flower and write lovely in the middle of the road. Even better, someone decided to draw a flower and someone else saw it and wrote lovely in the middle of the road. Needless to say, I was inspired.

These past few weeks have been good for me. Apart from stressful workdays and not enough time for things, my outlook has somewhat changed and its cool to realize things like that.


Casey Newlin said...

That "lovely" flower:
There's one on the levy path too, right after (or before, depending on your direction) you go under Pacific Ave! I don't know if that makes if cooler or less cool. But you should check it out. And on the other side there's this rectangle and circles drawn that looks like turntables.

let's have a Stockton street-art adventure soon. and plan studio nights.

Casey Newlin said...

Riding to campus just now, I realized the graffiti flower on the levy path actually says "Not So Lovely..."

Brittany said...

i like it.