Wednesday, October 3, 2007

UpDated: The past few days

Its been a while since my last life update, so be warned that this one is long . . but mostly pictures.

A few Saturdays ago some friends and I woke up at 6 to go to the farmers market under the freeway. It was huge, at least compared to what were used to, and we bought way too much food.

Here's a picture of the bike ride back (slightly edited) This is one of my favorites. Later that night (maybe the next Saturday night . . it was a while ago) we went to a 21st birthday party for 3 . . Casey, John and Jordan.

We kicked off the night with some beer pong. Jenn (the one laughing) is one of the most light hearted people I know . . not to mention easily distracted. The game came down to one cup each, and yours truly closed the game with the sweetest shot in Beirut history. Not really. It took about 15 minutes to finally finish while these two irritating chicks kept whining. "Come on, finish the game!" I hope they puked that night.

Of course we got into a "lets take pictures mood" and here's one the better ones.

A couple Thursdays ago I went to San Francisco for a conference. It was pretty cool, but walking around the city was a bit better. I kept stopping to take pictures of street art . . .I'm sure my co-worker was happy about that.

Here's a cool and huge piece I saw. I swear I know that artist. Anyone know who it is?

The next day I went to see a little concert of Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem. I won't go into here as I am planning on writing a review of it on Jotiumitch, but I will say it was freakin awesome (that's right, no G)

Here's one of the better pictures of the night.

Now for current events aka Jon's time-hopping weekend. This past Saturday I went to San Francisco. I did a bit of shopping (mostly not for myself), saw some art and was pleasantly surprised by the festivities I walked in to. I got off the BART at Powell and was greeted with the loud roar of reggeaton.

When I got to the street I saw this. I couldn't stop staring at the hot "angel." There were several platforms with music blasting and people dancing. Everyone in the streets were dancing as well . . not to mention dressed (or nearly dressed) in bright colors. Later I found out the parade was headed to City Hall.

But, I didn't come to the city for LoveFest. On my way to the galleries I saw some street art. Here's a cool little wheatpaste I found. It was actually sideways, but I figured this was the best way to see it. Medusa?

I got to White Walls and got to see Richard Coleman's exhibit "The Ghost." I saw a picture of this sculpture but didn't realize it was so huge. This sucker must have been at least 7 ft tall. Plus, it was on a 2 foot platform, so it was towering.

Here is a great example of Mr. Coleman's work. Very detailed, very colorful, very though provoking with strange (but not-so-strange) images. Not sure if I could take pictures, but the dude wasn't paying attention, so I snuck it.

Across the way at the Shooting Gallery was Eric Joyner's exhibit. This "Robots and Donuts" show was pretty interesting and gave me pretty good insight on painting techniques. His work is playful and always has some type of robot, not just the boxing type.

More street art. I got really excited about this one because I've seen this guys work before. I just wish I could remember who the artist was. In any case, it was pretty cool seeing something in real life that you've seen a few times before online.

I walked down Larkin to the Civic Center BART station to get to a book store before heading home. As I mentioned before, I soon found out that the parade ended at City Hall. Since I had to go through it, I thought I might as well hang out for a bit. So, I spent some time mingling through the festivities.

Turned out to be pretty fun. Lovefest made me feel like I was in San Francisco in the 60s/70s. There were people being free, dancing, drinking, smoking, living. It was pretty amazing to be there.
I like this picture of one of the platforms in front of City Hall. The prestige of the dome with the liberal happenings in front.
This Go Go was on top of a bus, just dancing and wiggling.

Tutu man was on top of the bus as well . .trying to listen to the music.
And then there was naked man. This dude was awesome just because he was walking around, butt naked in the middle of the city with a pack of beer and slippers on. You have to have some gonads to do that.

After I got to my book store I got a Char Sui Bow aka Manapua aka BBQ pork bun, ate it while waiting for the BART and headed home. That was a pretty cool day full of visuals.

The next day I snuck into an orchard with Casey. Turned out to be a walnut orchard. We sat around, listening to music, doing some breathing exercises, drawing a bit and talking about life. We felt like we were in another decade.

View on my back.

View of me taking a view on my back taken by Casey.

Told you there were walnuts.

View on my front.

After some time we decided it was time to leave. We packed up and started walking out. We soon noticed that we were walking extremely close to farm property. Right around the time that thought entered our minds we heard a dog barking (or maybe it was the dog that made us think that . .?). Anyway, we started to run (for fun) and then realized the dog was chasing us. We got to the fence, slid underneath, and enjoyed the fact that we were no longer trespassing. That was some crazy fun.

When we got out, we noticed the beauty of our surroundings. There's something about the afternoon sun that makes everything look pensive and calm. That was a good weekend.

Oh, I painted Teahupoo. My very first landscape. It wasn't as boring as I though it was going to be. Anyway, here it is.

So, I finally found the artist of the street art I couldn't remember. His name is Shepard Fairey and his work is insane. Maybe a future JOpinion?


Brittany said...

FUCKING BONER IN THE TUBE!!! SICKNESS. damn it that was the only thing that i actually had one up on you! damn u. well i knew it wouldn't take that long.
5 million questions soo ill start now and add more later when i read it for the 30th time
1-how sick is that picture of casey?! nice work
2-Love the love fest. can u take me there and we can smoke weed and be naked. but with slippers though!
3- is this a question? haha
4- why are u grey in that picture? i want to do that
5- do u have the number of the man in the tutu? he was freakin hott!

peace out. nice way of living it up over there ;)

Nooy said...

ROFL... she kind of said that to me too! no worries she'll still be nice ;) But it is quite an impressive painting! I guess you have to have been around waves to makes them look like that! People in my little country wouldnlt even dream that up!

Love the walnuts! they are soo good, we had them rain down from our tree this year! And trees are great for lying under and I love dawns and dusks... especially in sunny autmun days hmmmmmm

Anuhhh I have one question too! can I join fo the love fest thing? it looks fantastic!! Looks like you are having a great time, keep up the wonderfulness

Brittany said...

i like reading jon ching blogs. it is cocanie to me. i need more