Friday, September 25, 2009

My First Submission

This past Tuesday, I found out about an art show that is accepting submissions.  The show, put on by Climate Theater, is titled "Everything Must Go!" and is seeking artists to respond to the web on consumerism that we live in today.  At first, I wasn't planning on submitting since submissions  are due today and that left me with only three days to get something together.  But, after watching the street from my window and being recently annoyed by impatient drivers, an idea sparked in my head and I got to working.  

I made two pieces for this show.
"A Chicken in Every Pot"

"A Car in Every Garage"

The title of my pieces refer to campaign slogans by Herbert Hoover for the 1928 presidential election and his promise to Americans that we should have these luxuries.  The composition of these paintings were inspired by engineering drawings, hinting at the production or manufacturing of "things."  Furthermore, I painted on the bottoms of discarded drawers I found on the street.  Things, such as furniture, that were once made to last and pasted down to generations, are now carelessly tossed on the street to make room for new "stuff."  In an ironic sense, my representation of Hoover's message is painted it's product, showing how drastically our society has changed in the century since these statements.  

Well, wish me luck in getting my submission accepted.  It's not going to be a big show, but I gotta start somewhere!  I'll keep you updated.


celia said...

Again these paintings look like photographs. I wish you luck with your submissions. Great works.

Bloggilocks said...

Wow these are so incredible and different from what else I've seen you do! I love the idea behind it.. the historical context. Bravo Jon