Monday, October 12, 2009

Planet Earth Inspires

I've recently rediscovered the greatness of the BBC series "Planet Earth."  Over the past month Casey and I have enjoyed learning and being exposed to this wonderful planet through the amazing cinematography of the series.  Visually stunning, I couldn't help but be inspired.  Here is a painting I've been working on for the past two weeks.

It's my largest painting so far - 36x 48 inches.  It was extremely daunting to start this one, both because of its size and the complexity of the scene.  Mid way through, I realized that I've never painted animals before, which gave some peace to my frustration.  But I am completely happy with it and it will go great on my wall, unless someone buys it.  

On other news, I didn't get into that show which I blogged about last time.  I like to think that it just didn't fit in with the feeling of the show they were putting together.  Plus, it's good for me to get exposed to rejection, as it is inevitable in art.  

I'd love some feedback on this one, so if you have the time, drop me a comment!  peace.


celia said...

I am jazzed. What a great painting - very realistic!!! I am glad you and Casey have been enjoying Planet Earth.

Dennis said...

Wow! I love it! Now that I can see with both eye's this is terrific! Keep up the great work. Love it DAD

Jonthan said...

dude chingy,
your art is amazing! and i am encouraged by your talent and passion for pursuing what you like to do.
You still owe me a painting :) haha