Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two New

Last Tuesday, the day after I got back to San Francisco from Coachella, I started working on a painting for a scene in a movie my friend is making. The character is "Grannie," and old mobster, and the idea was to have a large painting of her behind her desk. Originally, it was supposed to be a velvet painting. But after trying to paint on velvet and knowing I would have less than a week to do the painting, I decided to stick to canvas. A bunch of ridiculous ideas were thrown into the air (ridiculousness being the main component of the painting) and I came up with this idea on Tuesday and started painting it on Wednesday.

Its 26x44 inches and after a long three day, I finished it on Friday with time to touch it up on Sunday. The shoot for the scene was yesterday and I'm pretty excited to see it. They all seemed to dig the painting and said it looked great in the shoot.

I've also just been playing with some ideas and images. Apparently I've been on an animal kick since I've moved to San Francisco, as every painting except a couple, has had an animal involved.

This one's called Two Stripes, 30x15 inches. It was a bit more composition and image driven than anything else.


celia said...

Awesome Jon! I really like your idea and the picture looks so realistic. What a great addition for the movie. Tell me more about the movie - any chance it will be shown in Honolulu?

celia said...

With your talent, it is cool that you are trying different compositions and images. it is great.