Monday, May 3, 2010

Tango Gelato

I found a few paintings on the street the other day. It looks like someone who had artistic aspirations in the past got rid of some old paintings. Being free material, I took the canvas off of one and stretched my own on. I realized that I really like the old stretcher bars, these were probably from the 70s. The wood just seems to be sturdier and I like the hard angles.

This past weekend I've been working on a painting on the new, old canvas. Ironically, the subject matter is somewhat of the same as the original painting, but done in a totally different style.

I'm calling it Madame S. Sialis. It's 24 x 20 in. oil on canvas. I painted it to have a new piece to add to the older paintings that I just installed on the walls of Tango Gelato, a gelato/cafè in Pacific Heights. Kind of a last minute thing, I spent the weekend both enjoying the sunny weather and putting together some old and recent work to show at the cafè. This painting was also my effort to try to find some cohesion in the work I put up.

And here it is on the walls. I just put it up today and it was weird seeing people look at a piece that's still really new to me. I really dig the light fixture above the painting. It seems to all fit together.

I have 10 paintings up on the walls for the month of May. I still feel a bit weird about having such a mix of new and old work up, but its a great place to have some exposure. If you happen to be in the Pacific Heights neighborhood, check it out. Its on Fillmore, on the northwest corner of Pine. Two stores up.

Here's another picture of the cafè. Aren't we getting tired of that painting already? I'm going to be starting some city paintings shortly, so check back to see what that turns out like.


lex said...

Sweet! Looks like we're coming into the city again! =)

celia said...

Glad to see you getting more exposure. Tango Gelato looks like a great place. I am still amazed how real your birds look and your ability to do faces.

Gummy Choco said...

Cool..i've been to tango gelato! kawan took us there...haha, but i guess almost a year and a half too early. looks like you'll get alot of exposure. congrats!

Dennis said...

Very cool. I like the painting. Can't wait to visit Tango Gelato.

Michael Valera said...

Hey my wife and I saw "Cory", loved it, and decided to buy it on the spot.

Love your paintings!