Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Since I've moved to San Francisco, I've used public transportation more than I ever have. And the bus I use the most is hands down the 5, which drops me off conveniently two blocks away from my house. Continuing with images from the city, and this particular image taken by Casey, here's my latest.

It may seem like an homage to MUNI, the public transportation company in SF, but I'm actually trying to not use it anymore. They've hikyed up their prices, cut services, and have become increasingly hard to know when they will be at my stop. So, its time to buy a bike.


celia said...

Wow Jon, hard for me to tell the difference between Casey's photo and your painting. Very good both of you.

Check out my blog http://cdshares.blogspot.com/, I did a post 'Jon's Art"

Dennis said...

Hi Jon! Great shot of your public transpotation. Just back from Oakland and your traffic problems are extreme. Took us 1 hour on I80 to get to Oakland airport. Take care!