Monday, August 2, 2010

Seconds at Tango Gelato

This past month has been a busy one for me. I've been painting a bunch, getting ready for a second showing at Tango Gelato, the Pacific Heights Cafe I was at a couple months ago. I'm super stoked on the work I've made and feel somewhat of a relief hanging it on the walls today. Here's the new works that will be joining the last two paintings I've posted, as well as a couple of city paintings I did in May.

Red Cave, 24x24 in. oil on canvas. This one was based on the lead singer of Yeasayer, Chris Keating.

Drain, 24x24 in. oil on canvas. A bit of a self portrait here.

Between Stops, 24x36 in. oil on canvas. Ironically, this one is based on a night in San Francisco after a Yeasayer show. Casey and I missed the last BART out of the city and got stuck in San Francisco until 4:30 AM, when BART started running again. Quite a memorable night at Denny's.

If you're in the city, please go and see the work in person. Its at Tango Gelato, 2015 Fillmore Street at Pine St. I thought it was only for the month of August, but after hanging the work, the owner told me I'll be having the work up until the end of September. Thanks Ziv! With the added month, I'll definitely be doing more work to put up.


Casey Newlin said...

Up through September? Congrats! I'm proud of how hard you worked on these paintings, and you really proved you can turn out great work in a short amount of time.

celia said...

OMG, I double clicked on "Drain" - it is incredibly brilliant. Speechless. I am happy that Tango Gelato is giving you 2 months!

brittany kamai said...

Dang man!! that is amazing :) up til september that is pretty dang rad. i am super stoked on your work!!

ok ill talk to you a wee bit later my friend. take care :)