Sunday, August 22, 2010

What? No Figures?

I recently finished a couple of paintings and they are up for all to see at Tango Gelato. Its a bit of a departure from usual subject matter and style, but I'm digging this new direction and really enjoyed working on these. Hopefully the titles will help to explain what the pieces are about.

Train, 24x30 in. oil on canvas.

Tangent, 30x24 in. oil on canvas

The idea behind both of these new ones stems from the past four "movement" paintings. They all play with a restless mind and the interaction and resistance that goes on inside out heads when we try to calm it.

I enjoyed not using figures in these, but I feel myself being drawn back to painting some, so in the new few they might pop back in.


celia said...

I like the bend, twists and weave. Yes life does pose tension affecting our thinking. Very unique way of expressing it.

brittany kamai said...

intiguing man. it is pretty interesting to see you do such abstract pieces. but of course you do a phenomenal job at it

brittany kamai said...

intiguing = a step up from intriguing