Thursday, September 16, 2010

The New

It's be a while since my last post. This was party due to some secrecy regarding the second painting of this post, and partly due to just spending more time on paintings.

Here's the newest one. I'm calling it Static Introspection and its a bit larger than some of my recent work. I had a bunch of Blick Art Supply coupons and used the opportunity to invest in working a bit larger. At 38 x 40 in., it's not huge, but comfortable for now.

I also enjoyed allowing this painting to evolve through the process of making it and I'm stoked with the outcome, aesthetically and conceptually. It's going up at Tango Gelato in the next couple of days, even though I'll only be in that space for two more weeks.

And here is the not-so-secret-anymore painting. Guess who's birthday gift it was.

It was a bit hard doing this painting in secrecy, especially when I see Casey every day and usually had paint on myself without any new paintings to show for it. In any case, it's exactly how I picture it and is in the private collection of one of my biggest patrons and supporters.


celia said...

Hmm, not sure why my comment did show up. I left one about 16 hours ago. Maybe I did everything and forgot to press publish your comment.

I wanted to let you know that I am amazed at the level you continue to raise for yourself both in imagination and in ability. Casey is so lucky to get such meaningful birthday present. Wow!

Dennis said...

Wow! Great paintings. Happy Birthday Casey! I hope the University of Hawaii can keep up with the Colorado buffalos today! Waiting to tee off at the Pali golf course.

Casey Newlin said...

Best birthday gift ever! I will cherish it like the masterpiece it is forever. Thank you again!