Sunday, March 4, 2012

Summer Weekend

We just had one of the nicest weekends in San Francisco this past weekend.  The weather was perfectly sunny and warm and if it's one thing people know how to do in this city, its how to take advantage of a nice day.  

Since we have a nice back yard now, when the weather is nice and we have some time, we like to let little PIston out to explore the "wilderness."  She loves it out there and looks like she's right at home in the tall grass.

Shortly after Piston's outing, we had our own.  Lindsay and Michael had a car for the weekend, so we loaded up and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin.

Our destination was Stinson Beach.  When we got there, the sun was still pretty high in the sky, with family and couples lounging on the sand, basking in the sun.  We set up our area pretty quickly and followed suit.  

We had ourselves a little picnic on the beach and enjoyed our conversations and walking along the water.  I didn't get too far in, but from what temperature my ancles were reading, the water didn't even feel that cold.

 One thing I love about California beaches are the seagulls.  You can always see them just hovering above the sand and the water.  Even when it doesn't feel like there is any breeze, they are just effortlessly hovering overhead, as if they were tied to something and just dangling over us.  I wish I had caught a shot of that, but I had a good opportunity to get a shot of them as their curiosity for our sandwiches brought them close to us.

I realized how long it had been since I had seen a water sunset.  Man was it nice to see one again.  It's always such a humbling feeling and really brings peace to my mind.

As if that day wasn't enough, we just spent today in Golden Gate park, playing Frisbee, picnicking and listening to good music while getting a ton of sun on our faces.  To top it off, we had an awesome Korean meal four blocks away from our place.  I've got to say that this weekend is on the top of my list best weekends.


celia said...

Piston certainly is happy in the grass. Wow, even the seagulls were enjoying the beach. Luv your beautiful water sunset shot. I also enjoyed your photojornalism, hurray for a wonderful weekend!

Dennis said...

I love the pictures! Can't wait to visit SF again. After 30 years of visits to SF I finally see there something better than Chinese Restaurats! have another wonderful weekend!