Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ireland and the Goods

We're just past the half way point in our trip, so its time for a mini update. Here's a little of what we did with our time in Ireland.

Like any good tourist visiting a place, we opted to walked around instead of the generic "Hop On Hop Off" method of seeing a place.  When thinking about Dublin before we arrived, I had a hard time recalling the specifics of the city.  But when I got there and started walking around, it all came back and I was surprised at how easily I could find my way.  For reference, above from left to right is Casey, Thomas and Ryan.

One of my main goals for Dublin was to find a few pieces of Conor Harrington.  He is probably my favorite contemporary artist and is from Cork, Ireland, but currently living in London.  He's returned to Ireland to do a few murals in Dublin and in a couple other cities.  It's amazing to think that last time I was here, I desperately tried to track down one of his pieces, and now I easily found two.  The one above is called Deadmeat and the one below is Black Herds in the Rain.

Walking around a bit more, we came across this bright little newsstand.  The main draw, besides the bright blue, was the poster on the window.  It's advertising a band called Grimes, who we are actually going to see tonight in Malmö, Sweden!  I also just thought that the building looked cool with its colors.  

 After a long day of walking and popping into shops and restaurants, wandering through parks and down interesting streets, and constantly speaking in an Irish accent, we found a little pub where we enjoyed a Guinness.

This was probably the most interesting drinking establishment I've ever been to.  When we walked in it was quite like the movies where everyone looks at you and watches as you walk though the pub as you realize that everyone here must be a regular.  It was the most brightly lit and quiet bar I've ever been to, with the crowd being old men, family units including their children, and a few lone guys at the bar.  It was so quiet that even with our whispers, we were probably the loudest ones in the joint.

On Sunday, May 20th, 2012, our friends Emily and Daniel got hitched!

I wasn't sure if it was cool to share too many pictures, but here's the lovely couple at the alter listening to the end of The Mamas and the Papas as she just reached him at the end of the asile.  It was such a great ceremony, with lots of cheering and laughter, the best way I can think of to enter a marriage.  

Here are those three again just outside the church after the ceremony.  Casey looking beautiful with her bridesmaid bouquet, Ryan looking dashing with his bridesman boutonnière, and Thomas looking fashionable as always.

Dinner and the reception were amazing.  Dinner was served in a huge stone wine cellar in the downstairs of an old Dublin establishment.  One of the perks of being a bridesmaid's date is getting to sit at the couple's table.  That was so nice to just cheers them at ease and be surrounded by close friends.  The food was delicious and the wine was superb.

After dinner and speeches that ranged from emotional to hilarious, we headed upstairs for some dancing.
They had an Irish band playing who were amazing.  They played traditional Irish music, where everyone kicked up their legs and did the river dance and also more contemporary songs, where everyone kicked up their legs and did the river dance.  At one point, they did a long compilation of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Billy Jean, Smooth Criminal, Sweet Home Alabama and probably six more other recognizable songs.  They were incredible.  We danced the night away and had the best time.  At midnight, we sent the couple off with sparklers as they ran to their car, only to proceed to more dancing, linking arms to create a huge circle and taking turns dancing in the middle.  It was good times!

Now, we are in our apartment having breakfast in Copenhagen.  From our first day here, I have concluded that this is the most amazing city and I want to move here.  More updates to come!

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celia said...

Wow, Emily and Daniel had such a fun, fun, fun wedding and party. I am glad you discovered Conor Harringto and saw a couple of his murals. They really are fantastic. Love your pictures and I can't wait to see your Copenhagen pix. How exciting and that you want to move there. Have fun!