Monday, May 28, 2012


We just got back from our time in Copenhagen and I am so jet lagged.  This is probably the worst I've had it, but I'm forcing myself to stay up and write this so that I can get somewhat back on time before I have to go back to work.  

To sum things up, I love Copenhagen and would love to live least during the summer months. Before we headed to Copenhagen though, we stopped in Stockholm for a night.

This was taken in a square near a restaurant we ate at that had traditional Swedish food.  I had meatballs and Casey had herring prepared in three ways.   Everything was delicious and a nice, yet slight, change from the food we had been eating in Ireland.  I like this photo because it reminds me of René Magritte's painting "The Empire of Light."

 Here's another picture from Stockholm.  I'm not sure what it was, but I thought it looked cool.

Now on to Copenhagen.  Getting to and from the airport was super easy and in no time, we were walking down this street.

Located in the Nørrebro neighborhood, Jægersborggade is probably the coolest street in Copenhagen...maybe in the world.  It is full of great restaurantes, a fine bakery, a perfect coffee shop and populated with the cool, stylish young Danes.  

Across the street is a big cemetery where Hans Christian Andersen is buried.  The layout is so unique, with many small areas separated by hedges and filled with trees and bushes.  Everything is very spread out with lots of space.  For this reason, the locals use it as a park and layout in the sun next to the graves.  We spend part of our first day doing just that and enjoying the unexpectedly amazing weather.

Half of our time in Copenhagen was spent with Casey's extended family that live in Denmark.  The relation travels up to her great grandfather and it was so nice to meet them.  There were all so friendly and generous of their time and it was a real treat to have them show us around. 
 Here's a family photo, with Ryan on the right.

 We had lunch with them and then we all took a canal tour.  The tour started in Nyhavn (New Harbor), which was named that some time ago and is not actually new anymore.  But back in the day, it was filled with sailors and bars and was the only place in the 50s where someone could get a pair of jeans, or cowboy pants as Ulla, Casey's great aunty, called them.

 The one thing I noticed on our canal tour was all the crowns.  It seems like they love putting them on everything.  Here's exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

 Exhbit C.

We did a bit of exploring on our own too.  Here are just a few photos of some of the interesting things we saw.

This is a massive piece done by the artist Shepard Fairey.  I have mixed feelings about him since he has become extremely famous as a street artist and is definitely making a lot of money off of it, which is the complete opposite of what his artwork is about.  Let's just call him a sellout and leave it at that.  But this huge piece was pretty impressive, so I'll give him that.

This sculpture/fountain was pretty cool.  Its of a bull crushing a water dragon.  I'm not sure what the symbolism is, but I'm sure it has something to do with their past and the influence of the Vikings.

This is a typical sight in Copenhagen.  There are many massive brick apartment buildings with many units in them and small little balconies sticking out.  I took it more for the patterns, but I think the uniformity of the apartments says something to the socialist economy of Denmark.

We spent our last day with Casey's family in Roskilde, an ancient town about half an hours drive from Copenhagen.  The main attraction was the cathedral.  
 This cathedral was built during the 12th and 13th centuries and was the first gothic cathedral to be built with brick.  Not only is it incredibly old, it also houses the remains of most of the Danish monarch, including Christian I, who ruled Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Not sure whose tomb this is, but it was one of the past kings.

 I found this door completely intriguing.  The imagery and style are unlike anything I've ever seen.  It's somewhat primitive, dark, and almost violent and so interesting to be on this cathedral.  It almost makes me think it was carved in the 1200s when the main part of the cathedral was completed.

 Another erie part of the cathedral was this sculpture.  This part, we learned, was added on more during the renaissance, which explains the more decorated façade.

At the harbor, there is a miniature model of what the city looked like in 1400.  This photo isn't really telling, but I thought it was a cool vantage point.  The layout shows a lot more farms with the homes spread out and trees everywhere.

Also at the harbor are Viking ships.  There is a Viking museum where they have an outdoor area that shows ships being built.  They use traditional techniques to build the ships, so everything is hand cut, carved and shaped.  Pretty impressive.
 Here is one that isn't finished and on display.  When we looked out into the water, we saw at least two ships out in the bay.

 Here is a woman putting some decorative touches.

One thing we were looking forward to on this trip was seeing a band we all really like in Malmö, Sweden.  It just across the bay from Copenhagen and only took about 30 minutes on train.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures of the show, but we had a blast and it was so fun seeing a band in another country.  It was also really cool to hop over to anther country for the evening.

 Here is a picture of the train station.  I was attracted to the colors and lines.

And finally, here is Casey and Ryan dancing on the platform after the show.  

It was an amazing trip and it felt so much longer than just 10 days.  Every aspect of this trip was so much fun and it was nice to travel again, even though I could  have easily spent another a week there.  Now its time to pass out!


celia said...

Thanks for staying up to complete this post. What a wonderful 10 day trip and for Casey to be with extended family.

The architecture is so quaint - so picture book and the crowns on the buildings are precious. The miniature model of the 1400 is so darling. The train station is so colorful.

What a cool picture of Casey dancing with Ryan.

Dennis said...

Wow! Great trip! Wish I had travelled earlier in my life!! Take care!