Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Artwork Update

I'm becoming more and more truant with these posts.  For a while I just wasn't posting because I didn't really have any work I felt was worth posting.  But now that I look at what I've got, I think there's a few that I can share. 

Lately, I've been working with my designer friend on building a website for the cafe I work at.  There are a number of things in the cafe that are representative of our style and aesthetic and I've been doing some detailed line drawings of those for the site.  Here are a few:

Coffee plant.

Print of a fish.

Another fish.

 Big horned sheep (there is a rad sculpture of these guys in the cafe)

I've also made a few paintings, although not as many as I'd like.  Mostly, I've just been experimenting and enjoying the act of painting without too much concern for content.  

This first one doesn't really apply to what I just said.  I made it as an entry for a group show.  I didn't get in, but I'm really happy with how this came out.  The theme of the show was on memories and  our relationship with them.  I was fascinated with how our brain recalls a memory.  The brain doesn't work like a filing cabinet, putting specific memories in certain locations, but rather has to construct all the elements of a memory when we remember.  This painting represents all the different pieces of a memory coming together.  The figure is falling into the memory and watching it form at the same time.  I think everyone has experienced falling and feeling like it happened in slow motion.  That was kind of the idea here: because the figure is watching everything in slow motion and she gets to see the rapidly forming memory.  Ultimately, when she touches down, its that "A-ha" moment when you instantly remember something.

These last two were just for fun.  I found some awesome images of animals in kind of a somber, almost depressed state.  I have no idea why I'm attracted to that kind of imagery, but I find it interesting and love to paint it, probably just because I like to paint in grey.  Anyhow, here are few new ones:

I have hopes to post again shortly with a "Life Update" to fill everyone in on what's been going on.  Not much to report, but some cool pictures to show.  Check back soon!

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celia said...

Jon, I am happy to see your artwork. Hee hee, I got to see these in person - I am the lucky one. They are very good and I really like your explanations. I look forward to "Life Update".