Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Adventures IN the City

This past Saturday I met up with Richmond for some art viewing. Three galeries to hit up: Needles and Pens (N+P) to see the Polaroid kidd, White Walls to see Saber, and 111 Minna to see the Fecal Face show. I need to get more diligent with taking pictures, but heres what I got from the day.

Ive always wanted to see an eagle, and I found one at the Civic Center Bart Station. (a bit more "manly" than most eagles)

Richmond told me to take a picture of the green mustache. He likes weird art. I think this was some old pizza place?
Saw this cool street art under a bridge. One day I am going to go on a street art adventure. I swear I know the artist who did this, I just cant pin point it at the moment. (the fire hydrant is there for added value)

After we had a few beers at an Irish pub we decided to try and get to the roof of a nice hotel. I tried to drop a flower pedal down these stairs, but the bastard landed on the floor below. AND, we couldnt find any roof access. . . next time.

We ended up going to this Aniversary party for a t-shirt company. We say "open bar" and were sold. As we were mingling, this crazy ass shows up behind me. He was wicked cool.

And definitly on something . . .

I think we were the only ones who talked to him. NO wonder he was starving for attention. I kept telling him it was night and he didnt need all his fancy eye wear, but he just kept it on.

After a few too many drink I really needed to pee. We stopped at this bar and this is what was in the bathroom. PRetty cool.

The night ended with a drunken ride back on the BART.

I spent some time on Sunday arting. This is what I came up. Its titled "Music." Kind of weird, but I like it.

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normandy said...

trees become stoic while
in pray mantis style
they glide float stride
through the ether of the tide