Thursday, August 23, 2007

JOpinion: Mike Brodie aka Polaroid Kidd

Mike Brodie is non-trained photographer and anything but novice. I recently went to his exhibition in San Fancisco and was blown away by the colors he gets in his portraits and documentation of "train folk" life. I am so stoked that I was able to get to see his photos in person. Whats crazier is that he's only 21 and I'm sure he has seen way more than most in his life, which I can only assume resembles the photos he takes.

These are some of my favorites from his current exhibition "RIDIN' DIRTY FACE"

One thing Brodie does so well is depth. His images are so sharp and really gives you a focus.

Another thing he does well, whether planned or just because his work is amazing, is color. It might just be a product of his environment, but the colors he gets in his photos just sets the tone perfectly.

There is something about the way he captures people that is so rad. Maybe its a mix of them in their element which tells the story, or maybe its the fact that most people cant relate to their lives. In any case, his photos are deep (in that non-lame/tacky kind of way)

This is one of my favorites. Theres just so much going on in these two shots, and I bet that's Mr. Brodie's arm and leg in the left photo. (jeez, I sound like a groupie)

This is also one of my favorites. Its a combination of everything: great mellow color, perfect lighting, depth and value. This photo makes you feel the cool wind blowing as the sun sets and envokes thought about where this kid is heading, what hes thinking, where hes been . . . awesome.
These last photos are some of his earlier works and where he got his alias. There were shot with his sx-70 sonar one-step using time-zero film. He says its the best when it comes to Polaroids, and I don't doubt it. I'm not going to write any comments on these photos, but these are (again) my favorites.

Mike Brodie said in an interview a while back "I just want to migrate for the next few years, following warm weather and photographing the train hopping youth of america. I think it's one of the most important, overlooked, and temporary underground cultures of modern times...." I think he's living his dream and doing a great job.

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normandy said...

i think we should go become some train people. wouldn't that be fun? i think that we most definately should.

good artist by the way! i love his earlier pictures too. hopefully with my new camera i will be able to do some stuff like that too :) it will be my life as a fish. that will be my next series.

peace be.