Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Review: Wesely Burt

Ok, I have decided that I am going to start doing reviews on this thing, seeing as how my life is not exciting enough to post regularly. Every week, although probably not on the same day, I will do a review of something whether it be in art, music, film, food, politics (probably not), social issues, people I like, people I dislike, or whatever I feel comfortable talking about. With that said, lets start.

Wesley Burt

To start of these reviews, I thought it would be good to write about something with influence. Enter Wesley Burt. Although I only discovered this fanastic composition/portrait artist, I have found his work to be quite inspirational and admirable. As you will see in the following pictures, he is very detailed and does a lot of piecing together.

Perfect example. There is so much going on in this sketch. Missing mouths, disembodied foots, and a great use of highlighting with the blue and white. Plus, its just cool with this futurist looking character that is so intruiged with the plant and people casually standing in the background as if waiting for a bus. Plus, is that umbrella part of the space backpack?

Here is another crazy drawing with tons of detail. Burt does a lot of mutliple imagry, like the faces at the bottom (I've recently drawn some inspiration from similar pieces) Again, there is so much happeneing in this one and I really admire how he plays with the negative space.

One thing you'll notice about Wesley Burt is that he likes to leave his sketches unfinished. I feel this helps define a focal point in the mad detail. I think this one really shows off the value he is capable of achieving. Beautiful.

Although this one is probably unfinished, it is still sweet as candy. Its seems like this one is able hope and dispair.

Now for some painting work. I'll just have pictures for these, but I think his paintings takes contrast and value to another level. It is crazy how well he paints.

Back to the drawings. This is one of my favorties. One thing that is really rad about Wesley Burt is his sketches. The face is so well done and polished with everything else in sketch mode. NICE!

I have no idea what is in this mans head, but I would like to scoop some of it out.
And I saved my favorite for last. This one is so simple. It has great use of chiaroscuro (fancy word I learned in class . . google it) and composition and is just really nice.

Ok, well that ends it for the first review. I think from now on I will have a name for these reviews like Jview, or Jonpinion. I don't know . . I'm open for suggestion.


Brittany said...

ok so my favorite drawing is a toss up between the third one and the last one. there are some elements that i don't particularly care for, but that is just me personally. i think overall he is an astounding artist in the way that he does create these incredibly pieces which keep you staring at his piece longer than a second. and holy moly his paintings are crazy.

jopinion i think is the best. minus the n. it has half jon most opinion because that is really what it is.

this was cool i like it! i look forward to the next review. a little worried about the people dislike one, but everything cant always be sweet right?


Nooy said...

Wow John! I didnlt even know about these artists!!! absolutely inspiring love the one in pencil and blue!!! Wow... makes me wanna draw.. I guess I better take a sketchbook to SA! And I never knew you had a blog and a DA account... good thing I found out! I'll be back and bugging you in about two weeks!