Thursday, September 25, 2008

Art is like Sudoku

Art is like Sudoku.  When you start, it seems easy.  Doing anything makes sense and there is nothing to hinder you.  You just go through your normal process and it works out beautifully.  But then you get more numbers in the boxes and things start to get a bit harder.   Then you get stuck.  There are clues of what to do, but you have to make sure you do it in the right order, or else things may get mixed/messed up quickly.  After a while and a lot of thinking, you either put it away for a bit and come back to it later, cheat and look at the key in the back, or give up and start a new puzzle.  

I'm stuck.  A new puzzle isn't the answer... this is my new puzzle.  I can't cheat because that just not me.  Call it stubborn, call it moral, call it courageous ... I can't sell out.  BUT, I can't put it away and come back to it later either - I only have a semester.   So I guess I just need to figure it out some other way.  Maybe pretend I'm doing a less advanced level of Sudoku?  Or maybe I should just not play by the rules and just put 3's in every box.  

Well, I'll figure it out.  

Italian word of the day: nebbioso - foggy/cloudy


Dennis said...

Well, what the heck are you talking about?????? Must be my age at 65 I would CHEAT. No use saving up my morals for anything. Wait till you're ready for Social Security and the Fed. Gov. is on the brink of being wiped out by the Republicans. (I shouldn't say that since I use to be a YAF (Young Americans for Freedom) Of course, Watergate totally wiped me out. (Only because they were stupid enough to get caught.) Oh well, you take care and don't do anything I would. At my age that's about everything in the world. Who cares if a 65 year old man screws up his life in 2008! Love Dad

Casey Newlin said...

Just look at the Sudoku boxes as a grid mapping out the perfect art piece! Make it a giant color by numbers!

Or sleep on top of it for 200 nights and then hang it on your wall and call it art. That's what Yoko would do ;)