Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First works of art school

Just a short post to share some assignments I've been working on.  There drawings are for my painting class.  We were to draw statues in "excellent proportion."  I'm pretty happy with them, mostly because I hardly take the time draw the whole figure.  

This one is "Perseus with the Head of Medusa" by Cellini in the Loggia of the Piazza della Signoria.  Just a little history on this piece . . .  Before this piece, metal sculptures were usually cast in section and put together.  Cellini wanted to challenge Michelangelo and Donatelo and created this - the first bronze statue done as one piece of this scale.  It is about 18 feet tall and is seriously a masterpiece.  
This one is "san Luca" by Giambologna, which is in a niche outside the Church of Orsanmichele.  It is also a bronze sculpture and really amazing.

Here is Michelangelo.  In the courtyard of the Uffizi are a bunch of sculptures of influential Italian artist, philosophers, thinkers and famous figures.  I'm not sure who sculpted them, probably a bunch of workshops, but they very well done.  

Recently the weather has gone from sweltering and humid to cold and rainy.  With the clouds in the sky you get this at sunset:

Bellissimo!  This is exactly how the picture came off my camera.  No editing.  

Italian word of the entry: scultura di bronzo - Bronze sculpture 


Casey Newlin said...

Every picture in this entry is beautiful and impressive. Your sculpture sketches are very well done and definitely "excellent proportions"

and that sunset picture... stunning.

lex said...

=) I can't begin to say how happy and proud I am that you're there! Glad you got bumped up and super happy you seem to be enjoying yourself.

Richmond said...

You're doing a much better job posting than I am reading. As always, your work is great. Keep posting them! We got a compliment on the piece you did for our place... from a MARINE!

Kris said...

Jon, your drawings are excellent! And that sunset... wow.

Megan said...

so i know i am a horrible friend because i am just now catching up on your life in italy, but i have to say you never stop amazing me with your artwork and photos...you're awesomely amazing, plain and simple. sorry it has taken me this long..and im waiting for you to paint my house..after i buy one =) love you jonny!