Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Imagine this

TMI Warning: You may visualize something involuntarily if you read the following paragraph. 
Apparently the use of bidets are more common than I thought in Italy.  Today, nature called and there was no TP in sight and then looking over at the bidet it dawned on me that there was reason for this.  So, I had my first bidet session.  And now on to better images.

As promised, here a few pics.  This first one is my room.  I took it a bit early as now there a calendar on my wall.  I think it really pull the room together.  

Anyway, its a pretty good room.  Simple, green and brown, and it has a really cool window.  I like it!

Here is the living room.  This is the first thing you see when you enter the apartment.  Not sure how much time Im going to spend in here.  If I can't get internet to work in my room, I'm thinking I'll spend a good amount.  

So today was pretty good.  I found a supermarket about 10 minutes away from my place and bought a pillow there.  I'm trying not to use the supermarket as much, but I'm wait till my Italian is a little stronger so I can communicate with the mom and pops of the smaller shops.  Anyway, I'm stoked on the pillow.  Later in the day I hiked up to the Piazelle Michelangelo and saw this:
Amazing!  Its one of those things where you are sweating and climbing up these ridiculous stairs and cursing even starting the trip.  You keep looking back and think "Ok, its cool, but not worth it."  BUT, when you get to the top, turn left and take about 15 steps, all of a sudden you see this and forget how you got there.  I can't believe I've been walking around in this for the last week.  
Here I am with the Duomo on my shoulder.  Boo for pictures of me in Europe by myself.  I wish my pumpkin sweetie poo muffin cakes was here with me.  Ok, thats not really what I call Casey, but the thought is still the same.  


Gummy Choco said...

lots of ikea furniture. hehe. I have the coffee table in the living room. and i was about to get that chair for my desk.

Jon said...

Haha, yeah. I think everything in here is from ikea. They have such smart looking things - I think its just the rounded edges!

Casey Newlin said...

Awww boobliespat! I wish I was there with you too! I'm going to print off that picture and hang it in my office :)

Richmond said...

You don't need to pretend that all those pet names are for Casey. Let the world know about us Jonny! Scream it from the hilltops above Firenze!

On a more serious note, good to hear things are going well so far. The roommates sound OK. Probably a big step down from some of your past roommates...

Kris said...

Your place is so cute, Jon. Haha about your bidet experience! Thanks for these great posts and photos.