Monday, February 23, 2009

Carnevale in Firenze

As I was walking back from the city center yesterday I heard thunderous drumming.  Curious, I went to check it out and when I turned the corner I found a medieval dressed drum line, followed by trumpet players.  Following them was a procession of wealthy dressed medieval characters.
I had no idea what was going on, but that's not a shock since there are always festivals going on, most of which I have no clue about.  I had to give them credit though, they totally stayed in characters.  

Since being here and walking around Renaissance and Medieval towns and seeing how modern life is injected into the antique settings, I've been really interested in the idea of historical figures living in modern times.  This was definitely a treat for me.  

I guess these guys were the royal couple since they were dressed up in rich colors and lead the procession.  
I had thought that this was the entire show and they were going off somewhere to reenact something.  Following this last couple I started to hear some loud beats and cheering.  Looking in the opposite directed I saw a bunch of dancers in feathers and sequenced costumes making their way down the street.  Immediately I thought "Oh, this must be Carnival," which was later verified by someone I asked.

There were probably 25-30 different countries following the Italian Carnevale, showing how they celebrate the pre-lent festivities in their respective countries.  

Bright colors....
.. smiling faces and flowing fabric.
It was a pretty great day.  The energy was so positive from the worldly celebration.  After coming back from the parade I was pleasantly surprised by a homemade lasagna made by my roommate Peppe (from Sicily).  I've had his amazing lasagna before, but this one was by far the best lasagna I've ever had.  It was hot and gooey with those crispy edges of melted cheese.  

Changing gears a bit, I've finished up my last painting for a while.  The fumes were really getting to me and I'm actually running out of supplies.  

Bob Dylan.  This one is for my friend/former roommate who I'll hopefully be spending some time with in Puglia (the heel of Italy) this summer.  

I also did a drawing.  It wasn't until midway through it that I realized its been a while since I've done some detailed drawing.  



Kris said...

The parade sounds like an awesome experience! And I love your Dylan piece and the drawing of OBAMA! You really captured his amazing smile.

Casey Newlin said...

The Carnival parade looks amazing!

RMA said...

As always, I <3 and also hate you for your drawing talent. I heard thru the grapevine that you're returning to Cali. Yay! :-)

Celia said...

Hi Jon,
What a nice surprise for you that you happen to be there at the right time and thank goodness you had your camera with you. Great angles and lighting.

Also want to add, your art is so cool!

Dennis said...

Hi Jon! Love the photos great shots of Italy at it's best. Picture of Barry is fatastic. I know if Madelyn Dunham, his grandmother and my boss, was alive she would have loved that drawing. I remember Barry when he came to my office at the Bank of Hawaii after school in the 70's. He was a smart kid and if I only knew he was going to be president one day..........?
Oh well, so much for dreams. Maybe you can be the oriental president? Well, keep up the great work and keep well.....Dad