Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chapter Firenze is Closed

Today is my last day in Firenze.  It's strange thinking that its over already, but over the last week I've been gaining closure to this city and am ready for the change.  Its always interesting to me how your view on things changes so drastically when you have a week left in a place.  For me I realized that I'm really connected to this city, but I am ready to live simpler.  

I climbed the Duomo the other day to get a view of Firenze from the center out.  It was breathtaking.

It's just crazy how many amazing things are in this picture.  There's the Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza Santa Croce, the Bargello, San Miniato and Piazzale Michelangelo.  Being up there really gave me good perspective (excuse the pun) on my experience here.  Just seeing Firenze as a whole like that made my time here feel like a big experience, rather than just a bunch of moments

Yesterday I explored Tuscany a bit.  First I went to Lucca, a charming medieval town with a huge wall surround it.  It really had that old feeling to it, with no sidewalks - just paved streets going up to buildings.  I originally went to eat at a specific restaurant for a specific dish, but the restaurant was closed until March 1st and the menu didn't even have the dish I was looking for.  I did however find Baccellato di Lucca, the famous bread from Lucca with raisins and  anise seeds. 
Here's a shot of a Palace from the wall.  The wall is really thick and you can walk on it.

After Lucca I went to Pisa.  I've been there a number of times, but only to its airport.  This time I made it into the city.  Ok, what do you think about when you hear the word PISA.  I'm guessing its something leaning.

Well, so does everyone else, and they all attempt to save the leaning tower from falling over.  

Next to the tower there is a great cathedral.   To my surprise it was very decorative inside and is one to the best cathedrals I've seen in Italy.  There are huge oil paintings lining the walls, nice bronze and marble sculptures, an over-the-top altar and golden ceilings.  

And here's the tower in a mix of cool and warm.  Don't let the slightly sloped grass fool you, the tower is pretty leaned.  

Tomorrow I head for the farm.  I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to post there, but check back once in a while and I'll show you my life on the farm.  Montepulciano in T-minus 12 hours. 


Casey Newlin said...

I'm glad you found closure. Even reading this post made me feel that bittersweet anxiety/excitement of moving on to something new. Talk to you soon, baby.

Dennis said...

Hi Jon! Told you I didn't have to go to Italy to see the sights. What a beautiful view. It's almost like being there, but without the 35 hours of air time. Can't wait to hear from you about working on a Farm. Wow, you hardly cleaned the yard at home and here you are going to milk the cows and kill the chickens or whatever.....sounds exciting. Can't wait for you to come home and clean my house......YEAH!
Take care and don't wear anything red especially by the bulls...maybe that was bull also. Miss Dad

Celia said...

I'm so proud of you for living in Firenze to the fullest. What a great idea to see it for the last time from the top of the Duomo. I am still amazed how your are able to capture your pics with your Canon elf. Great shots.

I can't wait to see Montepulciano.

Brittany said...

woah that picture of obama was pretty nuts man!!

looks like you are moving on over there. sounds pretty cool man. are you going to have an address of the next place you are going to be. i wanna send you something. maybe i can just send it casey, so when you stop moving around there.

hey my advisor asked me if i want to apply for a summer position at caltech. sounds like something up my alley. that might be fun. jobi is moving to huntington beach to become a pro surfer. i found out its only an hour away. weekend trips! i should buy a car there then road trip back to nashville. that would be wicked :)

yeah so things are good. i started volunteering at the lyon arboretum. it is super duper duper cool. i have my first game with my girls on friday. i hope it goes well.

well i like looking at your pictures. and the description. i think one part you said charming. that was cute ;)
well ill stop taking up all the room.

bye baby
( i only said that because casey did) hahaha ;D