Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've Got Plans

I've been kind of MIA lately mainly because there hasn't been much to report on.  But now my plans have firmed up and I can give a proper update.  At the end of this month I will be moving to Pienza, a town south of Florence in the Comune of Siena, to work on a farm.  This is a family run farm where they mainly produce sheep cheese and pasta.  They also have a vineyard and large vegetable garden.  I'm very excited to go to the farm and learn how to grown and cultivate produce as well as learn how to make cheese!  I'll be at that farm for two months until May. 

For May I will be moving up north to Alessandria, a town between Torino and Milano, to work on a co-op that has a large olive grove and vineyard.  They also have a vegetable garden, although I think most of my work will be in the vineyard.  I'm super excited to work on this farm too.  I really hope that in addition to learning about working the land I can learn more about Italian culture while improving my language skills.  

[Lately it's been rainy and cloudy all the time.  It's a real bummer to be motivated to stay indoors by unfriendly weather, but at least it makes for some cool lighting situations]

I've deemed February my art month, partly because I was feeling stagnant with my days, partly because I need to use up some supplies before I leave, and partly just because I wanted the challenge.  I haven't set that many guideline for myself, only that I need to work on some form of art for a good portion of time, everyday.  I've been working on some portraits of my roommates' favorite musical artists as farewell gifts.

Bob Marley

Django Reinhardt

Jimmy Page

It's been great getting back to painting, although now that my small room also serves as my studio I need to take a break before the fumes overwhelm me.  I've been experimenting with different techniques too and am focusing on getting a better grasp on color.  



Celia said...

Jon, very, very nice portrait paintings! I also like your pics. So nice.

Casey Newlin said...

You learn how to make that cheese real good, ya hear?

Dennis said...

Hi Jon! Love the portraits! Hope your adventures on the Farms will be good experiences. Hard Labor! That's the way to go when you get tired of the Office routine. Just like working at the Pineapple cannery. Take care! Dad