Friday, May 1, 2009


Hey all, just a quick update. I couldn’t find the time on my last day off to post a blog so no pictures this time. Things are going well though. We had some really nice weather for a few days, but now its back to rain, wind and hail. Hopefully it will be nice nicer tomorrow.
In the past two weeks I’ve been doing a lot. Sowing a bunch of vegetables (which hopefully didn’t get washed away by the rain), transplanting strawberries, making Fukuoka clay balls with seeds inside and a bunch of random tasks. My big project however has been building a stone path. Things were going great when we had nice weather, but the past four days of rain has put it to the test and the soil, that didn’t get a chance to properly dry, is slowly turning to mud. So now, there’s a bunch of the path to finish and to fix. It’s good work though.
Alright, I’ll post pictures soon!

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celia said...

Great update. But wow, challenging weather. Best to you as you complete the stone path. I know it will turn out well.