Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Puglia has been great. For the past week I've been in Calimera/San Foca, two small towns in Puglia, the heel of Italy. I've been staying with a good friend of mine, Eugenio, who was one of my flatmates in Firenze. He, his family and friends have shown me true Italian hostpitality and I've really enjoyed my time here.

We've gone to the beach practically everyday, and if you know me you probably can tell how dark I've become. The sea is beautiful here, with long beaches and also low cliff areas where you can jump into cool, deep, water surrounded by history. It's very humbing to be surrounded by buildings left behind by various empires throughout history.

Yesterday we took a long drive down to Santa Maria di Leuca, a place they call finisterra (the end of land) because it is as far down Italy as you can go. This is also the point where th Ardiatic says hello to the Ionic.

Tomorrow I head to Napoli for a day before going to Sardegna. I was going to go to Napoli sooner, but I thought it was better to enjoy good friends than to wander around a mafia infested city. Sorry, not pics for a while (I'm gussing) but at the end of it all I'll have a long picture post.


Eugenio said...

we love u jon!!! u ll be always welcome here; my friends liked u, as well as my parents and my young woman.. enjoy the rest of your vacations man, and take it easy!


Rocky said...

Hi Jon,
This is Rocky - your mom's friend. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your travel reports, viewing your photos and appreciating your amazing art work. I was born in the region of Puglia - specifically Modugno, Bari. Your mom just arrived at our place in Kelowna, BC and I was wondering if there is any chance you could come for a surprise visit? She returns to Honolulu on the 2nd of July. You, and a friend if you like, can stay with us. I'd love to hear your Italian. Kelowna is considered the Napa Valley of the north. My e-mail address is: rockyago04@yahoo.com Hope you see this.
All the best, Rocky