Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm a Carpenter

For the last week I’ve been building a cabin.  Nahum, the father of the Israeli family here, has been showing me the ropes of carpentry.  The work has been great.  It pretty hard labor carrying all the lumber and going up and down the ladder and levels of the cabin, but now were getting to the point where we can actually see the building and it’s pretty gratifying.  

Yesterday we put up one side of the roof.  I had to face my fear of heights to put that up, but after a few planks of wood it felt pretty sturdy.  This being my day off, I’m assuming the roof will be done by the time I get back and the floor will be in progress.  I can’t wait to finish it!  I already feel pretty comfortable with building, so hopefully after I'm finished with the cabin I'll be a pro (at least at hammering nails)

On another project of mine, the strawberries are finally showing their color.  I think in a few days we might be able to taste some of them!  Just in time before I leave the farm.

I’m really feeling spring now.  All the flowers are in bloom and the trees are getting leafy again.  There’s one tree that I pass everyday that I just realized is full of flowers and leaves.  Seasons…who knew?

I also got to go back to Cinque Terra.  After a long hike with a new injury to the good ole knee, I came down to see this view.  The three days of limping was totally worth it (although a bit unnecessary).  I’m glad I got to go back to Cinque Terra though.  It really is one of the most beautiful places in Italy.


Casey Newlin said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the last one of Cinque Terre. I really wanted to see that part when we were there, but we didn't go to that part, so I took a photo of the poster, remember? Now you have the real deal. There was almost that exact same picture up at Macaroni Grill and people would always ask about it.

Anyway, the house looks good! Glad it's warming up :)

celia said...

What a cool cabin and you had your hands in it. Literally. I am glad you have expanded your life experiences.

I agree with Casey, beautiful pictures!!!

Dennis said...

Carpenter Jon! Terrific! By the way, when you get back to Hawaii I have a few carpenter jobs that need some attention to. Glad you're getting some first hand instructions in carpentry. Flowers and fruits are fantastic and I hope to visit Italy one day. Take care.......DAD

Richmond said...

Jonny! The cabin looks pretty nice. Did you hurt your knee on the hike?