Friday, October 10, 2008


This past Tuesday (martedi) I went to Carrara with my sculpture class.  Carrara is known for their marble and has been providing marble to the world since the time of Ancient Rome.  

The class and I caught the train from Florence to Pisa to Carrara, about 2 hours.  We met up with our teacher and she took us to a workshop she used to work at a while ago.  It was  incredible to see both finished pieces and sculptors working on new pieces.  

The man in charge was this guy.  He has some 50 years of experience and does amazing work.  We saw a portrait he was almost finished with of a couple.   Usually they will make a clay model, make a plaster model from that and then copy that in stone.  This guy went straight from two photos.  And the portrait was spot on.  He was a pretty cool guy with a pretty cool newspaper hat.  

We walked around for a bit, visiting a cathedral and a piazza.  Oh, and since it is a marble mining town, marble is everywhere.  Buildings, tables, benches, even the sidewalks are made of marble!  
Here's a relatively new sculpture in Carrara.  It is to remember the miners who have died while excavating marble.  In the background you can see the side of the mountain that now resides in palaces, museums, and kitchens all over the world.

We went to another workshop, this one being way bigger than the first.  The whole place was white, covered in marble dust.  It is interesting to see the differences between workshops and how their art differs.  

We ended the day with a visit to a museum.  They had stones from Roman rule/excavation.  Despite my initial thoughts on a marble museum it turned out to be pretty interesting.  After walking all over the place we all passed out on the train ride back.   

This photo doesn't have anything to do with Carrara, it has just become one of my favorite pictures.  This is from the street where the art studio is.  Just in front of the "P"arking sign on the left is the door to all the art classes.  Across out school is a hotel, with the back door of the kitchen right down the street.  

Italian word of the day: marmo - marble


Richmond said...

Jonny! I missed your call yesterday. At least I was doing something fun... Could have been better if it was slightly larger than ankle high.

Any wood sculptures? Marble is pretty sweet, but wood is sweeter.

Richmond said...

JONNY! I just got your postcard. Definitely the best postcard I have ever received! Who paints their own postcards?

Kris said...
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Kris said...

Incredible workshops! I dig the newspaper hat, too. Keep these great photos coming, Jon.
R made pesto last night and you would have been very proud! Miss you.