Monday, October 6, 2008

PIzza, Stuffed Animals and Ikea

This weekend was overall mellow.  I went into the studio to do some work on Friday and Saturday.  On Saturday evening I decided to make pizza.  But, not really knowing the specifics of Italian cooking, I ended up buying baking soda instead of yeast... in my defense there was a pizza and calzone on the front of the package.  So I went back to the supermarket and felt around for yeast.  After about 2 hours of letting the yeast work its magic on the flour I had my dough.  
Unfortunately, Eugenio (my roommate) and I put the oven on the wrong setting and this is what came out.  I guess the broiler was on too.  Oh well.  I tasted the bottom, unburnt part of the dough and I think it came out pretty well, so thats good news.  So, we had pasta for dinner that night!

The next day I went to La Specola, a zoological museum, with a couple classmates.  It was pretty cool with stuffed animals, pinned insects, snakes and ocean creatures in formaldehyde, and wax copies of our insides.  

Here's a really cool scene.  I was just about to draw it but was told that they museum was closing.  I got a little sketch of another one though.  Josh Keyes would have loved this place.  

Later in the day I headed off to Ikea.  While walking across the bridge, the Ponte Carraia to be exact, I saw this.  
I'm seriously obsessed with the Arno River.  I walk across it at least twice a day and every time I do it is breathtaking.

I made it to Ikea along with the rest of Florence's population.  Seriously, do not go to Ikea on a Sunday in a place where people like to buy stuff on the weekends.  Ikea always cracks me up though.  Where else can you have an impulse buy item be a bed?  

On the bus ride back a saw an interesting man.
Look at this wrists.  I wonder if he was selling those watches or just liked to know what time it was in different parts of the world.  Anyway,  it was a nice weekend.  Oh, and I bought train tickets for me and two of my sculpture classmates all in Italian!  I guess we'll see tomorrow if my Italian was good enough to get us to Carrara on time for our sculpture field trip.  Stay tuned!


Casey Newlin said...

beautiful pics! I would love to see more pictures of the city :)

Kris said...

yeah, great photos!! bummer about the pizza. such is life. i am at richie's and made hummus yesterday and i think it came out pretty awful. it's been awhile... haha. and i didn't have lemons. boo. hope your week is going well!