Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Food and Arts...Italy

This past weekend was pretty eventful.  I went into the studio, went to a museum and spent some time with good friends.  

This is my take on Conor.  I actually did this one a few weeks ago, but I feel like it represents my weekends well - working out ideas and gaining inspiration.  Overall I'm happy with it and learned a lot from.  I was going to put it up in my room, but I think I'll keep it up in my studio space for motivation.  

On Saturday night my friends Enrique and Alina came over for dinner with my roommate Eugenio and the former occupier of my room, Renaldo.  We made curry and I made naan.  It all came out perfectly and we stuffed ourselves with delicious Indian food. 

Sorry to horrible picture.  I just didn't have the patience for a good picture.  

On Sunday I went to the Bargello, a museum full of amazing sculptures.  I got to see a few Donatello's including his David.  I wish could have gotten closer to it, but it was under restoration.  

Here's a cool sculpture on this giant cannon.  I'm not sure it the cannon was actually used, as it was in such good condition and incredibly decorated, but I'm sure if it was it would have been a big slap in the face to have your city destroyed by such a beautiful weapon.

I also got to see a number of Giambologna's.  He is now probably my favorite sculptor.  He just had a way of perfectly capturing the form with fluid movement and alertness within the figure.  This is "Oceano" by Giambologna.

Recently I've been in the studio starting my "body of work" for this semester.  I'm actually going to go in and finish my first piece today, so check back soon for an update on that.

Edit (10/19) - Italian word of the day -salotto or soggiorno - living room (what I need to clean today)


Casey Newlin said...

So excited to see your first piece!

Gummy Choco said...

thats the artist i thought of automatically when i saw your always.very nice. the naan looked good too :P

Kris said...

Brilliant painting, Jon!

Celia Doo said...

Jon, what a great painting! really good!!! also your naan looks delicious! smiles, mom

Dennis said...

What a cook you're become. Never though you would be able to cook such great carbo laden dishes. Love your painting also. Take care and have fun! Dad

lex said...

no italian word of the day, dear? ;)