Friday, October 24, 2008

Painting Work

Yesterday I had my critique for my painting class on my work for midterm.  This semester we are concentrating on one theme or idea and making a body of work.  MY theme is "Secrets" and how the individual interacts with and is affected by the secret.  For midterm, we had to have three pieces completed.  Here they are:

This is 60X80 cm, acrylic a oil on canvas.  None of them have titles yet.  I'm pretty happy with this one.  I am going to change the background.  At first I wanted all white backgrounds to isolate the scene or individual, but now its just kind of driving me crazy.  
This one has the same specs as the first.  The guy is my friend Reinaldo.  He was living in my room before I came.  Now he's moving down to Roma.  I'm also pretty happy with this one, but I am going to change the drips of his shirt and possibly add a scene to the background.  Not sure yet.

This one is 50x50 cm, acrylic on canvas.  I was happy with this one, but after the critique I'm going to change it.  Actually, I might change everything.  After finishing these paintings I wasn't "feeling it" as much as I usually do.  I think that was my gut telling me that I'm still not pushing myself to where I want to be.  The critique kind of drove that home for me.  

Anyway, on Monday I'm going to Barcelona with a couple friends and then I'm off to Roma by myself for a few days.  It's my fall break and I'm stoked that I get some time to travel

Italian word of the day: viaggiatore - traveler


Dennis said...

I like the circles. Kind of looks like my business world right now, going no where as our economy. Be careful on your trip. (That's the Dad in me!!!!)


Lindsay said...

Wow Jon you are getting so good I can't wait to see what else you are doing!!!