Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pastel Studies

I just wanted to post a few pics of the work I've done so far in my pastel class.  So far we have only been working from still life.

Justin, my instructor, likes to set up crazy, elaborate still lifes so that we have a variety of stuff to draw. This was the first one we did in sepia and sanguine hard pastels.  It was more of an exercise to get used to pastels and focus on value and contrast.  

This is the next week, focusing on material.  This was done in oil pastels and is totally different than dry pastels.  I've worked once in oil pastels last semester, but Justin had us approach it differently than I had before.  He encouraged us to layer more than rub in, like I had done.  It take some time getting used to just laying colors on top of each other and letting the colors blend visually, rather than physically.  

This was last weeks still life.  We were focusing on the figure since we will be working from a model next class.  Well, I won't since I will be on a field trip for sculpture (bummer!)  Anyway, this one is done with hard or dry pastel and I had a lot of fun with the color.  I also got a little more comfortable with making and leaving marks, although I still have a long way to go in that respect.  

I was going to post a painting, but I think I'll wait till I have a bit more work (or at least work that I'm not too embarrassed of).  

Italian word of the day: affamato - hungry (cause that's what I am)


Casey Newlin said...

I love the figure! I could hang it on my wall next to Emily's pastel of a male back :)

dennis said...

Looks great Jon. I, too, love the figure and the pastels. Hope your field trip is a save one.

Kris said...

i love the back of the still life! beautiful!