Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More painting and more pizza

It seems weird that my weekend posts happen on Wednesday.  Its not intentional, its just the only time since Sunday that I have time to sit down and blog for a bit.  Anyway, let start with 'students.'  A law was just passed in Italy to privatize public schools and currently the students are protesting. 

A lot of the schools in Florence look like this.  The students have taken over the school and locked the teachers out.  I think this has become a tradition over the years, but this years occupation of the school is more important because of the new law that was passed.  They are in there 24/7 and I even got to go inside one night.  Pretty chaotic as you can imagine. 

I did laundry this weekend.  
This isn't mine, but I thought it was a cool picture and it makes me feel like I'm out of a modern city and living in a more quaint area.  Cool picture, but of the clothes of our lame neighbors upstairs.  

Before the weekend I picked up my absentee ballot and got to fill it out on Saturday!
I am a dork and took a picture of me voting.  But this election is of great importance and I'm making sure my voice is heard (as loud as my rights lets me)  

After voting I took another attempt at making pizza.  The dough itself actually came out better this time and I'm think that when I get back to the States I will be able to open up a pizzeria.  Ah dreams...

But the rest of the pizza came out good too and I enjoyed my delicious veggie pizza.  This isn't very italian, but I just like to put a bunch of stuff on my pizza.  

So that was the "down time" from my weekend.  I had an Italian midterm on Monday so I was studying for that most of Sunday.  The exam went well and I'll find out how well in a few hours.  
Most of my weekend time though, was spent in the studio getting my painting midterm work in "fighting" condition.  I'm finished with three pieces so far and I will post pictures of it towards the end of this week.  I would tell you what the subject matter or idea is, but its a secret.  

Italian word of the day: Pensare - to think (because I'm starting to think in Italian ... weird!)


Dennis said...

Laundry looks like the back of my yard. Pizza looks great!! and Veggie also. Great for us diabetics. Glad you voted for the Man! I am trying to meet with Obama's Grandmom since she was my boss for over 23 years. I just loss my 2nd favorite boss two months ago and hope this is not a trend in the Escrow business in Hawaii. Oh well, good luck with the midterms.


lex said...

Glad the pizza came out great this time!

Last month I met someone at my firm who went to school with "Barry" Obama in hawaii.

ALSO, very glad that you're THINKING in italian! That's pretty awesome and a definite sign of what seems to be a successful acclimation to Italia.